Searching for Foreign Bodies in Food Products

As a saying goes, appetite comes with eating. But that the consumer is satisfied with the food, the products need to be free of foreign bodies. The technologies used to find impurities and foreign bodies in foodstuffs and packaging have improved rapidly in the past 20 years. Thanks to x-ray technology, metal, glass, stones and plastic fragments can be detected in products.

Whether detecting foreign bodies in yogurts or measuring the holes in Emmentaler cheese, the use of x-ray technology is rapidly growing at Wipotec GmbH. In this area, the company relies on MXR­-100 X-­Ray tubes from Comet Industrial X­-ray. For Wipotec managing director Theo Düppre, what counts is the quality of the products, the flexibility offered by Comet and their cooperative partnership.

Also, Italian inspection system manufacturer Dylog has its finger on the pulse and relies on a combination of in-house software and x-ray components from Comet. Since purity standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries are becoming ever more stringent, with the modern consumer expecting quality first every time. Producers need to prove there are no foreign bodies in their products. X-ray technology offers reald added value not only in this area, but in the clothing industry as well.

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