Cancer Therapy of the Future

Due to the sharply increased security regulations and the prohibition to use radioisotopic irradiators there is a need to replace the market standard cesium isotope based irradiators with new and technology-forward x-ray based irradiators.

PXi X-Ray Systems are playing an important role in the development of new cancer therapies for the future. At the heart of the PXi’s systems are the Comet Industrial X-Ray tubes in combination with the iVario Generator. Their irradiation systems are used for research purposes at universities, hospitals, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. The close collaboration with academic and industrial development partners opens up an ever-increasing number of opportunities to customers engaged in research.

The collaboration of PXi and Comet X-Ray is based on a deep-seated trust. “We are proud to have been able to help accompany the newly developed iVario generators through important tests”, says Brian Dermott. "And we are looking forward to employing iVario in different x-ray systems."

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