The Secret of a Modern-Day Treasure Hunt

Mining today is as complicated as ever. The most profitable mines yield an average of only one gram of diamonds per 15 tons of mined ore. These numbers highlight the challenge facing mine owners. Today’s modern technologies mean that miners can try new methods. Among these methods is the increasingly popular x-ray technology.

While expensive, x-rays have the advantage of providing above-average price/performance ratios in diamond recovery. This applies in particular to mining for gold nuggets and diamonds, which are only found in small quantities. Comet can offer its clients the chance to customise the technology to their specific needs. Comet is an ideal partner for tailor-made solutions and can help provide for outstanding success rates due to our many years of experience in x-ray technology and our wide range of products.

x-ray technology, also allows clients to re-check material previously excavated and once considered worthless. The re-examination of formerly discarded material with the new technology can sometimes reveal exciting surprises. Additionally, the x-ray screening system can also lead to considerable savings on transportation costs, since the technology can be used on the field (even in harsh conditions) rather than having to transport the mined material to locations where they can be assessed by experts.

Comet’s x-ray technology provides a new twist to today’s treasure hunting.

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