Customized Systems are Increaslingly Important Today

Automation will result in customers increasingly choosing special customized systems. Nowadays, customers require solutions that are perfectly tailored to their production lines. This is the only way to ensure short returns on investment.

VisiConsult’s x-ray specialists decided to use Comet X-Ray technology owing to the excellent quality, good personal contacts and direct involvement in the development phase. Since the company was founded, they have been working with Comet X-Ray and have since come to use the entire performance spectrum, from 160 to 600kV. This means they use a wide variety of tube types – from standard tubes to the HP models.

“The iVario has become our standard generator”, states the Head of Sales and Marketing from VisiConsult. Together with Comet X-Ray they have made essential contributions to the creation of the iVario communication protocol and they were involved throughout the entire development and testing phase. This is one of the reasons the iVario has integrated seamlessly into their systems.

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