Air Cargo Inspection Takes Off

Globalization is continuing to boost an already buoyant air cargo market. At the same time, legal requirements demanding accurate security inspections are become more stringent. To meet the ever-increasing security demands of the air cargo sector, manufacturers of detection and inspection systems are turning to new technologies to make the process as efficient as possible.

A global market leader in the field, Smiths Detection, has chosen to rely on a specifically developed 300 kV x-ray tube from COMET to help in its mission to provide the fastest and most reliable cargo security checks. Consigned goods have to be inspected as quickly as possible. The goal is to create processes that are highly efficient to guarantee fast and secure handling which saves to customers time and money. The integration of x-ray inspection equipment is becoming increasingly popular in the process chain.

Good shipments have to be x-rayed in their entirety. Smiths Detection developed the Hi Scan 180180 product range specially developed for Consolidated and Palletized Cargo (CPC) which uses COMET’s 300 kV x-ray tube. COMET is also working with Smiths Detection to develop the CIP 300 Project (Car Inspection Portal) which allows for quick and precise inspection of cars and delivery vehicles. The radiation is so low that the drivers do not have to leave their vehicle (depending on local legislation) during the control.

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