Recycling in its Purest Form

Sorting is a growth market. Recycling companies are increasingly relying on x-ray technology to sort valuable materials from those of lesser value efficiently. Above all, sensor-based sorting systems help to separate metals and plastics precisely.

The recycling industry is booming, and not just because of the growing mountains of waste produced by our consumer society. There are many other reasons why recycling has become a growth market, including greater environmental awareness, the productive use of ressources and enery-saving and resource-efficient production, rising raw material prices linked to material shortages, high demand for precious and high-purity secondary raw materials and more stringent official guidelines and enviromental protection regulations.

Bühlmann Recycling AG relies on innovative and effiecient systems to automate sorting processes at his recycling centers in French-speaking Swizerland. Thanks to x-ray technology, different alloys such as copper, iron, zinc, stainless steel, brass and aluminium can be detected more precisely. Different x-ray detectors, each of which can be set to detect a specific material compostion, make this possible.

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