Innovation Through Partnership

Temperatures of around 1'000 degrees Celsius, dirt and large production volumes make the conditions in steel or aluminium rolling mills extremely demanding. New technology has led to thinner products being produced at a faster speed which in turn means that production measuring techniques have to be quicker and more precise. Thanks to innovative x-ray sources, x-ray technology in thickness gauging is becoming an increasingly more attractive alternative to the more traditional isotopes.

While x-rays are still more expensive than isotopes, they have the advantage that the tubes are easier to produce, stability can be improved, they are safer and more environmentally friendly. A long standing partnership between one of our customers, a leading manufacturer of multifunctional x-ray and isotope measurement systems for the metal, aluminum and steel industries, and Comet has led to the development of a number of forward-looking x-ray solutions.

The partnership started 20 years ago when Comet helped replace fragile glass x-ray tubes with more robust metal and ceramic tubes. The ongoing and evolving partnership has also led to the innovative 600 kV high-energy x-ray source. The customer relies on this partnership for its marketing offensive in the US, where it is setting up a company to produce simple measuring systems. One important element in this expansion will be the innovative, maintenance-free x-ray source developed with Comet.

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