CASE STORY - Malta International Airport

By David Campos / January 01, 2017

Mr. Emmanuel Galea has been responsible for airline and base maintenance with Malta based companies Air Malta, Lufthansa Technik and now Medavia for a total of 35 years. Medavia offer a range of aviation services, aircraft maintenance services and business charter brokerage.

Being responsible for airplane readiness, Emmanuel explains how they handle daily operations: “We need the planes to fly, and we need them to be absolutely safe. Inspection is crucial, and X-ray produces the best possible image of the airplane’s structure. As we are dependent on the highest quality of X-ray images, only the best X-ray source is an option for us.”

“The primary application of the X-ray equipment is close inspection of the airplane’s structure – specially the wings and stabilizers. We use X-ray to determine subsurface defects of structural parts that are hidden or require significant ground time for dismantling. We would rather take X-rays than dismantle complete components.”

Emmanuel began working at the airport in 1981. “We acquired the ANDREX 1541 BW before I joined. Back then, it was a state-of-the-art product, and COMET was called “ANDREX”. It has been part of our routine maintenance during base inspection until 2016 when we decided to replace the 1541 BW with the PXS EVO 160D, to take advantage of all the new features and the improved performance. The 1541 BW has served us well until now, and it could probably keep on going if parts were still available.”

“In my experience the quality of COMET products has been outstanding. They have proved to be indispensable tools for us and have enabled us to maintain a reliable and safe means of transportation for our customers. More than 37 years with the same COMET system – it´s truly built to last. We expect that the PXS EVO will live up to the legacy of the ANDREX 1541 BW.”


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