CASE STORY - Pipeline Expansion Project with ACUREN part I

By David Campos / January 01, 2018

Acuren provides state-of-the-art non-destructive testing, inspection, engineering and rope access enabled industrial services delivered through over 80 locations and more than 4,000 workers throughout North America and United Kingdom.

Robert Drake is a quality inspector for ten years, he worked and traveled the length of the pipeline, a major expansion to the pipeline infrastructure of British Columbia.

“I take my job very seriously. When I’m looking at a weld, there’s not one thing that I’m not paying attention to. I take 100% pride in what I do and if I miss something, I get very hard on myself. We take real care with what we do - we take safety seriously and check everything with the best tools we can get, and that’s the PXS EVO. We used it on the poor-boy sections, on mainline repairs, and on tie-ins - we use that tube just about everywhere we can, really”.

“They are great tubes, no doubt about it. We shot 15 to 25 - 12”OD tie-end welds using a technique that required five exposures per weld. There were no issues with production whatsoever. The client is happy with us, and we’re happy too. I find the beam-spread is wider and more consistent than we had on the old tubes. For NPS 12 girth welds, we used to get 20 cm of coverage, but with the new PXS EVO, we get a 30% increase. We now can get densities that comply with code requirements closer to the ends of the film which ultimately reduces the number of exposures required and saves time and money for our client - it’s better than we used to get. It was a big job - but the EVO made it easier!”.

The PXS EVO 300D from COMET used in the testing of the pipeline expansion features a combination of 300 kV and 900 W constant potential X-ray power for high penetration - making it well suited for all heavy-duty field inspection jobs.


Case story

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