CASE STORY - Pipeline Expansion Project with ACUREN part II

By David Campos / January 02, 2018

Acuren provides state-of-the-art non-destructive testing, inspection, engineering and rope access enabled industrial services delivered through over 80 locations and more than 4,000 workers throughout North America and United Kingdom.

Barry Woit is a metallurgical engineer at Acuren and at his 41st year in the business. His role involves specifying the best tools for his colleagues to perform their tasks. It’s his responsibility to ensure the overall success of the operation, which is why he needs to give his people the most reliable and efficient tool for the job.

Recently, a large North American midstream operator, has completed a major expansion to the pipeline infrastructure of northeast British Columbia. The operator has a strong record of community engagement, environmental stewardship and safe, reliable pipeline performance, effectively balancing quality and productivity with safety and the environment.

Barry describes how he has seen an increased awareness of the industry’s environmental focus. “We have a visible environmental stance at Acuren - and that’s important to us. I can see how it’s affected as it trickles down through the organization. We’ve always been committed to the environment, and we are now more purposeful in communicating that - it’s good that everyone knows how proud we are of what we do.”

“We know that what we do in our inspection of pipelines is our livelihood, and doing the best job we can, will make it better for the company in the long run and increase our good reputation. Keeping this reputation means using the best tools: On the project, my backend crew including repairs, poor-boy, and tie-ins all used a PXS EVO with a combination of 300 kV and 900 W constant potential X-ray power for directional inspection from the outside."


Case story

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