CASE STORY - Digital & portable future with Shaw Pipeline Services

By David Campos / November 18, 2019

“The future of NDT is digital!” – and with 16 years under his belt working for Shaw Pipeline Services (SPS), 12 of which he spent as a technician in the field, Operations Manager Ryan Green knows what he is talking about. 

SPS is part of the Shawcor Ltd family, a leading oilfield service business that operates in 25 countries with more than 100 manufacturing and service facilities.

Ryan Green, Shaw Pipeline Services, USA, offers his outlook on the digital future of pipeline inspection and the pioneering technology available to the industry.

Portability and ease of use make all the difference. As digital radiography gains ground and paves the way for safer pipeline construction and maintenance, it is not the concept of the system that needs improving, only the capacity.
In the past decade, SPS has been pioneering a transition into digital X-ray technology for pipeline weld inspection. This has completely changed the game of the industry, allowing it to provide faster, safer, better as well as more environmentally friendly services.

SPS are using X-ray equipment from COMET Group with panoramic tubes for the company’s crawler systems. For double wall inspection, SPS use a portable set-up consisting of directional tubes with constant potential generators from COMET Group and a digital panel in combination with SPS’s specially developed mounting device.

“The set-up with digital radiography and directional tube has made it possible for us to shorten inspection time compared to conventional film radiography, which, of course, means quicker projects. These systems have a really good cooling system, which allows the tubes to run for more extended periods without overheating. And you need the longer exposure on a thicker pipe. With our good size fleet of these tubes we can bid on larger projects,” Ryan Green explains.


Case story

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