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COMET Industrial X-Ray develops and manufactures metal/ceramic X-ray sources, and the related components, for the non-destructive examination of materials in the automotive, aviation pipeline and steel industries, and also for the stationary and mobile inspection of baggage and cargo at airports and borders.

COMET constantly works to improve and simplify X-ray technology and is a trusted engineering partner to well-known companies. COMET’s innovative technology has become the basis for an unprecedented combination of performance and compactness that offers customers a new realm of possibilities in the development of their end systems.

COMET Industrial X-Ray is a product area of the Industrial X-Ray Modules segment of the COMET Group.

New iVario Generator

The product range is developed from the ground up and tailored to X-ray tubes from COMET.


Stationary NDT

Portable NDT

Computed Tomography NDT




Thickness Gauging



We deliver superior performance and quality through continuous innovation and improvement for a genuine value for our customers. Learn more about COMET's key industrial X-ray technologies.



We support our customers in achieving maximum uptime of their systems by providing efficient global service with fast turnaround times. Following COMET’s philosophy, we exclusively provide service to OEMs and authorized service companies.