Portable X-Ray Systems

Portable X-ray generators from Comet are light, of high-quality and have been designed for flexible field inspection, in all types of industrial environments. We build our products with years of experience, skilled engineers and components of the highest quality.


The combination of our new PXS EVO tube heads and CONTROL EVO is the key to a significantly improved workflow. Because the units are lighter, they are faster to handle and reposition.

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The panoramic 38˚ x 360˚ X-ray beam, and the combination of up to 300 kV and 750 W, makes the PXS EVO a perfect choice for weld seem inspection of cylindrical vessels and pipes.

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Designed and built in Denmark, the CONTROL EVO is based on state of the art technology. The unit features an exposure calculator and has an intuitive interface with a wide range of advanced functionalities.

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PXS EVO Accessories

A broad range of high quality accessories is available for the PXS EVO series. These various accessories enable a smarter workflow and support multiple applications in all environments.

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The PXS EVO film

The PXS EVO film presents the unique features and technical aspects of the system

Red Dot Award

The PXS EVO system wins Red Dot Award

PXS EVO Panoramic

PXS EVO 200P & 300P panoramic x-ray system