COMET offers a specialized mobile tube stand solution which increases your work rate.

Our mobile tube stand makes positioning and manipulation of our portable X-ray systems easy. Once you have mounted the X-ray tube head in the tube stand, you can inspect elements from different angles, and the wheels make repositioning very fast, making exposures more accurate and less time-consuming.

The mobile tube is one of four tube stands that COMET offers.

The mobile tube stand enables a fixed working position of the tube head, and the wheels enable fast repositioning on plane surfaces.

The mobile tube stand features individual stepless adjustment of each leg and 360˚ rotation around the tube heads axes.

Easy mounting
All COMET directional X-ray systems can be mounted on the mobile tube stand and the twist-lock handles makes mounting easy.

This tube stand fits all the portable directional tube heads (special tube head handles are required for the PXS-160).

Robust & safe
The mobile tube stand is made of steel making it a robust, safe and long-lasting solution.
Max. load 35 kg
Min. height focal spot - floor 47 cm
Max. height focal spot - floor 85 cm