High Voltage Industrial X-Ray Generator

COMET Industrial X-ray generators are perfectly matched for highly stable performance. The high-frequency XRP generator has been designed to meet the tough requirements of modern industrial X-ray applications. The XRP generator is the ideal workhorse for both radiographic and real-time applications.

Industrial-Proven Construction, Compact Easy-to-Service Design

  • Outstanding reliability
  • Robust, oil-insulated, high voltage components
  • Compact power supply for all module components including cooler, warning lamps and security circuits
  • Stackable components save floor space

Generators Overview

  Unipolar Generators Bipolar Generators
  XRP-100/2250/2 XRP-320/4500/2
  XRP-100/4500/2 XRP-450/4500/2
  XRP-160/2250/2 XRP-600/4500/2

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