COMET X-ray provides a broad range of X-ray modules which are designed to be effectively integrated for maximum customization. Our choice of metal ceramic X-ray tubes is unmatched for industrial applications, allowing the X-ray module to be fully optimized for your image chain. By choosing exactly the elements you need for your system, you can reduce the cost incurred by additional, unnecessary, built-in accessories. 

With just one single point of contact, we are your one-stop-shop. As the only manufacturer of both X-ray tubes and generators, we supply all the integrated components for your X-ray module, reducing the coordination work for your supply chain. All iXRS modules are functionally tested as a module before delivery to reduce integration and testing times. The test report is your guarantee of peace of mind.

We’ve got your back - we made it, and we know how it works. From generator to tube, cooler, and cables, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to give you the ultimate in service and operational support. With remote access through TCP/IP, service interventions can be made off site to save costly call-outs. By continuously monitoring the generator’s performance and operating data, it’s faster to pre-empt malfunctions and perform root-cause analysis.

Get a quotation for your new iXRS module by using the easy step-by-step online configurator.


Use the links in the table to find more information on the different variants of the iXRS and XRS modules.
  XRS-100 iXRS-225 iXRS-320
  iXRS-160 XRS-225VF iXRS-450