Return of Equipment

Any claims must be registered by you and authorized by us.

How the process works:
  1. You send us the filled-in FFR (Field Failure Report) to the corresponding service address of your region (e.g.:
    Please make sure that the serial number of each component you plan to ship back is correctly mentioned. Any information about the failure, operating conditions etc. are essential for a proper analysis and have to be indicated as detailed and complete as possible.
  2. We will issue a customer notification in our system on the basis of the information given on the FFR and e-mail the notification to you within 24 hours.
  3. You will enclose a copy of this customer notification with the goods and send them back to us.
  4. We will analyze the returned goods as soon as possible and inform you about the result by sending you our service report.

Please be aware that in case the goods arrive at one of our repair centers without existing registration in our system it maylead to a significant delay in the analysis and repair process.

PLEASE NOTE: The following FFR doucments are editable. Depending on your browser, you can directly edit the PDF in a separate browser window. If this is not the case, please first download the form and fill it in your Adobe Reader program.

Forms to Download