The rapidly growing number of electronic devices, powered by ever-smaller components and innovative mounting techniques in wafer technology, has spiked the demands for consistent and reliable production output.

  • Inline and automated inspections
  • Printed circuit boards (PCB) and solder joints
  • Batteries
  • Surface mount technologies (SMT)

X-ray inspection systems providing high resolution and extreme magnification are ideal for examining these components, identifying cracks, weak solder joints, and voids. The measurement of pore sizes and their distribution is critical. Many of these inspections are performed automatically for an improvement in the production process.

X-ray inspection ensures the desired production output quality in automated production facilities and contributes to sustainable production development and an environmentally responsible economy.

COMET’s manufacturing structure means that we have a unique ability to create customized products. Whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution, we will ensure that you get the ideal solution for your application. You can read more about our customized solutions here.