X-Ray Component and Module Technology

Our superior performance and quality are the result of continuous innovation and improvement driven by customer demand, market trends and opportunities as well as availability of technologies. We pride ourselves on offering the widest product range in terms of performance.

Industrial X-Ray

From traditional non-destructive testing, thickness gauging, detection and modification of materials to in-line, high-speed inspection.

Many applications exist and are still emerging that rely on the once mysterious X-rays for purposes as varied as detecting material and design flaws, fighting contraband trafficking or sterilize food.

Comet develops and continually improves its technologies to serve applications characterized by a broad range of requirements: from high to low penetration, high dose/low resolution to low dose/high resolution, from single exposure to continuous illumination to highly cyclic in-line operation. Comet is committed to advancing the technology base so as to help its customers ensure a more sustainable and safer future.

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