Your Complete X-Ray Source

Comet is the only manufacturer of a complete module with seamless and perfect integration of the cooler, high voltage cables, self-manufactured X-ray tube and generator.

Comet designs and manufactures complete X-ray sources in custom configurations to suit your needs. With tubes ranging from 75kV to 600kV, a perfectly matched generator for highly stable performance, cables, cooler and hoses, we offer the market's broadest set of solutions to meet your industrial X-ray need. Our modules are assembled and tested as a unit before delivery, to ensuring optimum performance and quality.

New iVario Generator

The stage is set for iVario, Comet's newest line of X-ray generators. The product range is developed from the ground up and tailored to X-ray tubes from Comet. This is the most significant product launch in the history of Comet Industrial X-Ray.

Diagram of a Bipolar X-Ray Tube and its Environment

iXRS / XRS Overview

  XRS-100 iXRS-225 iXRS-320
  iXRS-160 XRS-225VF iXRS-450

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